Welcome To Keystone Kennels | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Pet's Home Away From Home

How long has the resort been in business and owned by the same family?

We have been in business and owned by the same family for 40 years.

Is the resort clean?

Every pet owner should tour the resort where their pet is going to stay. We welcome you to drop by anytime during office hours to take a tour of our facility.

Is the resort in an evacuation zone during hurricanes, tropical storms, and flooding?

Keystone Pet Resort is not in an evacuation zone.

Is the resort recommended by a Veterinarian?

Yes, there are several Veterinarians in the local area who recommend us.

How long has the staff been employed by the resort and is there turnover?

Our existing full-time staff has been employed for over 10 years.

Are your pets cared for 24-hours a day or are they left alone during closing hours?

We have personnel on the premises 24-hours a day, including holidays.

Does the resort specialize in caring for pets only or is attention given to other areas such as grooming, training or veterinary care?

Our main and only focus is the care and pampering of your pet.

Does the resort “give back” to the community with regards to pets?

Yes, Keystone Kennels does take time to assist organizations such as The Suncoast Animal League, which is dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals.

On personal time, the staff also contributes to organizations such as Horses for Hope where horses and people come together to screen for and educate on breast cancer, as well as The Gabriel Foundation which educates, conserves, rescues, rehabilitates, adopts, and provides long-term foster care and sanctuary for parrots everywhere.